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Can't install STMCUFinder on MacOS Ventura 13.3.

Clark Sann

This is a prerequisite for the VSCode extension which is why I am asking here.

Steps to reproduce:

Download the setup file

Per Readme.html, open a terminal, navigate to the en folder and run the following command: sudo xattr -cr ./ 

Enter password

Exit the terminal

Open Finder

in the en folder, double click on SetupStMCUFinder-5.0.0

Setup always complains that "java" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

Show package contents of SetupStMCUFinder-5.0.0

Right click on SetupTMCUFInder-5_0_0 and select Open

Setup always complains that "java" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

I need to get VSCode running but until I can get this prerequisite running, I don't believe it will have full functionality.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Clark Sann

Come on, ST! This is either a bug or a result of bad documentation. What needs to be done to fix this?


Hi Clark,

the instructions from ST are a bit misleading. The command to run is correct but must be applied to the entire contents of the unzipped folder, that is also to the jre installation alongside the app.

This worked for me:

  • Open a terminal.
  • $ cd path/to/en.ST-MCU-FinderMac_v5-0-0
  • $ sudo xattr -cr .
  • Close the terminal.
  • In the Finder, double-click the
  • The application should start.
  • The system will ask you the permission to access your files and folders. Please, give the permission or the application will not work.

Explanation: the command xattr -cr clears recursively all extended attributes, included those used by Apple to apply a quarantine to every file downloaded from the Internet. It's the quarantine attribute that blocks the execution of java (the version included in the jre folder, used by the installer).

Please, notice: you don't need the MCU Finder to run the VS Code extension.

Hope this helps.



Clark Sann

Hello Gabriele

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this problem. I believe I have executed the xattr command to the entire folder. However I will re-download the zip file and try again. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I do have one question, have you successfully installed STMCUFinder on MacOS Ventura 13.3? I suspect 13.3 may use other methods to prevent running the Java app.

Clark Sann

I found this article which shows that the quarantine method has changed in MacOS Ventura.

Later today I will try to look closer at the files to determine if the xattr command is sufficient for 13.3.1.