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Add WolfSSL to a LwIP example?

Associate II

Using Nucleo 32H723ZG board, would like to add WolfSSL to it  Working on an SSH server app.

Using the LwIP_HTTP_Server_Socket_RTOS example... watching this video:

It appears that my problem is this example does not generate an ioc file so that the pack I downloaded and put into CubeMX will not be applicable.  Is this right?  Will I just have to construct the example project and import it by hand?


ST Employee

Hello @st3ph3n 

First let me thank you for posting.

Check the article under this link explaining how to create a LWIP project with CubeMX.


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So, I am to imply that creating a new MX project is the only way to do this?  I have a working 32H723ZG example, I would like to add WolfSSL to it.  I also have a working MX example, the WolfSSL example in the video.  Is there no way to combine files from one into the other?  Must I lose the working example to get where I need to go?  Is there no way to take WolfSSL and add it to the LwIP example?  I have downloaded the package, is there not a way to add it without requiring an ioc file or MX?  Thanks for your help.