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X-CUBE-TCPP issue with STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1

Associate III

I am able to successfully install and build the SNK1M1_Sink example project from X-CUBE-TCPP.

I then opened the .ioc file and make the recommended changes to the HAL timebase source (I selected TIM2 as TIM1 was greyed out) and set USE_NEWLIB_REENTRANT to Enable as advised by the warnings per the screen capture.

The code is then updated on save, but when I try to build again, I get multiple errors. Please see attached screen capture.

Any ideas please?

Kind regards,



ST Employee

Hi @alw 

Warnings generated during code generation are unrelated to errors encountered during the build. It seems like there are conflicting typedefs in your code or in other included headers. Check for any custom typedefs that might conflict with the HAL library's types.


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Associate III


Thanks, but this isn't *my* code, as stated above I imported the SNK1M1_Sink example project from X-CUBE-TCPP.

I then opened the .ioc file and made the modifications that the warning message told me I had to make. Code was then automatically generated on save. So this is a case of a compatibility issue between ST's supplied and automatically generated code as I haven't introduced any code of my own. Suggesting that I have to debug ST's own code wasn't the response I was hoping for.