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X-CUBE_STL-G4 installing problem

Associate II

Respected all,

i am actually trying to implement STL for a project for checking ram, cpu health in precise the package is X-CUBE_STL-G4 so the files i got from the vendor are  

package license 




few projects

release notes

user guide,errata,safety manual

unins000.exe ,uinins000.dat

i am not able to figure out how to install or how to use idont have single clue and i couldnt find any resources if any one can help me its appreciated

@stm @wastl 

ST Employee

Hello @snewkar and welcome to the ST Community 😊.

For such informations, it will be a good idea to contact your local sales office.

Best Regards.


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Associate II

can you explain what is the normal procedure to install so that it would help me refer weather i am doing a mistake or not\


Petr Sladecek
ST Employee


the basic instructions how to build the application you can find at chapter 5.5.2 of the delivered UM2590. I strongly suggest to study content of this document carefully prior you start to play with the library.

Anyway, this topic is subject of strict NDA so please don't use this common forum to solve such a problem. We are ready to support you officially via your local FAE instead.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,


Associate II


i am getting these errors even though i include the header file i dont know why i am not able to resolve them please hep me