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TLS-SRP authentication on STM32F756ZGT6

Associate II

Hi All,

I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I am posting a request that is already answered elsewhere. However, I could not find a suitable solution anywhere and came here for help.

I am working on a project using this processor that is currently using the TLS encryption but without an authenticated certificate. Therefore any browser first displays a warning about the page being not safe to access and requires manual override to allow user access. This process works all fine and I the TLS option can also be turned off to allow a direct access.

Recently I have come to learn about another authentication approach that doesn't require external server certificate authentication and the MBed or the onboard server THPD can authenticate the client locally from the password.

That method is knows TLS-SRP (

My question is that is it possible to use this method in the STM32F756 devices?