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Switching from STM32H743ZIT (2MB) to STM32H743ZGT (1MB)


We need to start building with the 1MB STM32H743ZGT while all the development has been done for the 2MB STM32H743ZIT.  As far as I can tell I cannot change the micro in the .iot file for file generation even though the pin assignments and peripherals seem to exactly the same.

Do I have to create a new .ioc file (and new project), re-setup all the pin assignments and peripheral settings, and import in all the existing source files or is there a simpler way to do this and still use the .ioc file for code generation?


I presume the program and data sizes don't exceed ZIT capacities. Try loading the ZGT code.

Could always clone and edit the file...

Shouldn't really be significant differences. If you program the FLASH watch how you're banking it, ie end-to-end vs side-to-side.

The Linker Script can be modified to truncate the FLASH the Linker believes is usable. Ideally you've already split the available space between a loader and application, sort of thing necessary to do field updates. Add code to be aware of option bytes, tested/available FLASH size written in system memory, etc.

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