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Support for additional feature

Associate II

STM32CubeIDE looks good but i suppose there a lot still to be added in near future. I would like to know when the STemWin, ST_Audio and TouchGFX be supported in new STM32CubeIDE.


It would be much better if IDE can isolate user code from the generated code. I have been using Renesas Synergy SSP package their code generating strategy is very efficient. They have manage to Isolate user code from generated code and there is no risk of losing even a single line of code. In STM32CubeIDE, If someone accidentally deleted user comments then risks are higher the user code will be deleted.

As the STM32CubeIDE natively supported by freeRTOS. It would be much better that freeRTOS integration be provided with middle ware it will speed up development. Also if commonly used frameworks such as I2C, SPI, UART, USB and ADC be integrated with freeRTOS will help reduce hours of development cost.

Renesas Synergy SSP is very easy to use and very efficient. But drawback is that their MCUs are very expensive than STM32 and not commonly available. We are planning to move to STM32. I have attached the screen short of the Renesas Synergy Package (SSP).

I hope there will be much better and easy to use feature in STM32Cube IDE.


Abdul Sattar


Can you share the main.c and interrupt ISR source file, just for my own curiosity.