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STM32C031G4U6 bare microcontroller with stlink is not detected

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i bought 3 STM32C031G4U6 microcontrollers from digikey turkey distributor and soldered them on breakout boards. i have them connected with stlink v2 over SWCLK and SWDIO i double checked connections and power but i can not program them. it just gives out this:


Starting server with the following options:

Persistent Mode : Disabled

Logging Level : 1

Listen Port Number : 61234

Status Refresh Delay : 15s

Verbose Mode : Disabled

SWD Debug : Enabled

InitWhile : Enabled


Target no device found


Error in initializing ST-LINK device.

Reason: No device found on target.

what do i do?


Som possibilities:

  • Verify part orientation. Pin 1 is lower left when "STM32" is read from left to right.
  • Bad soldering job, pins aren't connected. Going to be harder to solder/verify a UFQFPN48 vs a LQFP48. Consider posting a high resolution in-focus image.
  • Insufficient bulk capacitance. A 0.1uF and 4.7uF should be soldered next to VDD/VSS pins. Guessing you don't have one. It may work without it, but it doesn't follow the layout guidelines.
  • Try a different programmer. Note that counterfeit programmers are prone to bad behavior. STLINK-V3MINIE is cheap and works.
  • You are using STM32CubeProgrammer to program, correct?


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I didn't had caps soldered so I will try that. 

I was just trying to program it from the ide. With that green little button on top

Perhaps easier to test via STM32 Cube Programmer directly. 

Check analogue supplies. Check level see on NRST.

To standalone ST-LINK connect VCC, GND, SWDIO, SWCLK and NRST.

Off NUCLEO boards disconnect on board target via jumpers.

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The problem is there is no NRST pin on microcontroller. Just 2 pins for power and gnd

i soldered necessary caps and still nothing. neither cube ide or cubeprogrammer sees the microcontrollers.

i even updated the firmware on the stlink

PF2 and NRST are double bonded. (i.e. the NRST pin and the PF2 pin are the same)

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