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stm32 with stepper motor driver tmc2660

Associate II

Hi ,

in my project i was having a requirement  that the three stepper motors are need to work using 

STM32 -> TMC429 motion controller -> TMC2660.

THE SPI communication between the TMC429 and MICROCONTROLLER is working, and verified. but in the case of tmc2660, how can we verify whether the spi communication is working properly or not?

ST Employee

This is actually a topic for which the manufacturer of the TMCxxx (Analog Devices) should provide an answer. But if you take a look at the data sheet of the TMC429, fig 5.2, you will see how your setup is controlled via SPI and one CS per TMC2660. The SPI bus is not routed through the TCM429, but everything is connected to the same SPI bus and only the STEP and DIR signals come from the TMC429.

Hope that helps?


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