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More Frustration :(

Associate III

I am running CubeIDE on OSX (not sure if t hat makes a difference)
In the pinout & configuration you can see that some of the configured items, for example ETH and USART1 have a little green triangle next to them, indicating what I believe is a conflict.  

If I hover the mouse over the icon, in just the right place, it will show a popup, but, no matter what I do, after a second of being visible, the popup disappears again, so I do not get long enough to read what its telling me, thus cannot figure out what I am being told. 

Is CubeMX really this buggy/ Is there some other view I can look at that will give me information about these conflicts so I may try to resolve them?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, its probably obvious if you know what you are doing.  Eclipse has always been terrible, and so far CubeIDE has not disappointed. 

On a less frustated note, I do have a Nucleo 144/ 429 board running with a blinkey example I managed to write and program to the board, so thats at least progress of sorts. 

Any help or pointers much appreciated, I hope to get to a point where I can be a contributor here instead of a nuisence... 






Wow, I did not expect the ST's official VSCode extension for STM32 to be so pathetic !

Honestly I did not try it so I cannot tell anything about it...

But if ever I had to move to VSCode one day, I think I would choose PlatformIO IDE extension, it looks great and much more appreciated:

It seems serious and supports most of chips manufacturers from the embedded world.

Yeah 100% the official ST plugin it quite terrible by any standard, VS Code is far better than that. 

Platform.IO is a superb example of exactly what is possible, I discovered it years ago in relation to the Atom editor and VS code was in its infancy, when I was programming an ESP32 and needed more than simple sketches and the Arduino IDE (if you can call it that), Platform.IO was outstanding in comparison, its an example of a very well implemented VS extension.  I was programming ESP32 because I had had enough of the also quite terrible (but nowhere near as bad as TS's eclipse IDE) Microchip tools. 

I think ST have so much invested in Eclipse they cannot probably see the real value in VS Code... its a shame, perhaps they will one day. 

I have been learning STM/ARM so I have stuck with CubeIDE for now just so I can use the examples and learn the chip architecture, when I know enough I will try to use PlatformIO myself.




Oh man, I will heavily caveat my links to that plugin in the future. Thanks @AScha.3 @Oskar_H @gerrysweeney for testing. I guess it is somewhat to be expected since the first release was a year ago and it has no updates since. Probably effectively abandoned.

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