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Managing files and folder of project is unnecessarily complicated. Invalid Input: Must be IFileEditorInput is the error i get when i open .ioc file


Let's a i created project did generated code and saved it and closed the system. Say the next day i need to use it. There's no project file like in Keil MDK we have .uvprojx file format. Same way there's no file to access entire project explorer. WorkSpace concept is so annoying.

If I try to open .ioc file through STM32CubeIDE I get this error

"Invalid Input: Must be IFileEditorInput"

Please give a solution to this problem

Cartu38 OpenDev
Lead II

Eclipse metadata (.uvprojx keil like) are .project and .cproject. STM32CubeIDE is managing related file association about. So some basic double click on .project is opening IDE.

Same once IDE open double clicking ​on a .ioc file is opening device configuration related editor.

Works fine for me and sounds quite user friendly.

Workspace is pure Eclipse once understood so nice ...​