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Installing on Linux with error message

Associate II


I am installing STM32CubeIDE on Linux (Ubuntu) and have several challenges where when I am importing the BSP to the repository, it hangs and will now allow me to finish.  I believe it is trying to retrieve the file but gets hung up because I may not have signed in beforehand.  However, I get the attached error when I reinstalled it - and really would like to know what it means opposed to choosing yes/no.  Does somebody want to comment or know?  Thank you so much.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

You normally don't open .project & .cproject files directly from Nautilus etc. - there's a reason why these files are hidden. You open Eclipse projects in the Eclipse GUI by importing them or creating. To import a project as is, or convert from other format, use the IDE File->Import.

So normally there's no need to associate .project & .cproject files with anything at all. No is a safe answer.