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Image processing on stm32f407



I am currently working on an object-tracking project on a stm32f407 board. I am using an OV7670 CMOS camera and a 16-bit TFT LCD display. 

I am able to carry out DMA transfer for transferring dcmi->DR values to FMSC address space, thereby being able to display images on the LCD. The fps is roughly around 25fps. Now I understand that it is possible to access the data once transferred to memory and process it before sending it but I don't understand how to access it from the FMSC address space. 

I am new to image processing on stm32, so I want to know the right way to manipulate or at least access the frame buffer before sending it for display.  


ST Employee

Hello @sugarlava27 and welcome to the Community 🙂,

I recommend you to take a look to AN4861 Application note LCD-TFT display controller (LTDC) on STM32 MCUs.

This application note describes the LCD-TFT display controller of the STM32 MCUs, and demonstrates how to use and configure the LTDC peripheral. It also highlights some hardware, software, and architectural considerations to obtain the best graphical performances.

For that I think, 4.Creating a graphical application with LTDC Section in AN4861 can help you.

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