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Application code slower in 1.14.1 vs 1.5.0


Hi all!

I have been working on a C++ project for the STM32F476G-DISCO, which was originally created in 1.5.0 of the IDE. Given the QoL improvements in the IDE updates, I thought it would be worth updating.

My application has image processing included so I am able to monitor the FPS accordingly. With this in mind, I have noted that upgrading to 1.14.1 (with no project changes required) has yielded me an FPS reduction of about 8 % on average.

It is not a huge reduction, but naturally I am curious as to whether anyone could potentially provide some insight on why this might be happening. As far as I can see, all optimisation settings have been maintained when importing to 1.14.1 - perhaps new flags/commands I am missing?

For reference, the compiler versions per IDE are as follows:

1.5.0: gnu-tools-for-stm32.7-2018-q2-update.macos64_1.5.0.202011040924 (arm-non-eabi) C++ 7.3.1

1.14.1: gnu-tools-for-stm32.11.3.rel1.macos64_1.1.100.202310310803 (arm-none-eabi) C++ 11.3.1

Thanks in advance, and please do not hesitate to query additional information that would assist with this query!

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

What compiler settings for optimization are in use?


1.5.0 optimisation config:



1.14.1 optimisation config: