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How to fix vanishing/wrong tab/tabs titles in STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.12.1

Associate III

STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.12.1 Build: 16088_20230420_1057 (UTC)

OS: Windows 11, v.10.0, x86_64 / win32

Java vendor: Eclipse Adoptium Java runtime version: 11.0.17+8 Java version: 11.0.17

4K Displays

i use the properties / compatibility / change hdpi scaling settings as the icons are not usable/unscaled when not using hdpi scaling.

i use the system enhanced scaling (system scaling is blurry, see pictures)

when i move the mouse pointer over tab titles they reproducible get blanked (not valid for first tab in a row) or get filled with the title of a next to it tab..

when using the windows sniping tool for a screenshot, first the screen is greyed/darkened. this greying/darkening is removed after area selection. when greying is reverted the tab titles get refreshed -> can not screenshot that behaviour.

this occures new with 1.12.1




to "path:\ to \STM32CubeIDE_1.11.0\STM32CubeIDE\stm32cubeide.ini"

and deactivating the window application hdpi config seems to be usable for now.

no idea why this can not be configured in the ide.