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How can I setup a project where the ioc file is in a subfolder of the project?

Associate II

It seems CubeIDE expects the ioc file at the same level as the .project and .cproject are located. When trying to open an ioc which is NOT at the same level as the projects are Iocated, I get this error message: "Invalid Input: Must be project's active .ioc file."

In an existing project we want to upgrade we use 2 ioc configurations. That worked fine until CubeIDE:

  +-- ASP
  +-- HAL_ST
          +---- HSE.ioc
          +---. HSIStartup
                    +---- HSI.ioc

I made several tests, trying to add the ioc as link, other places. Open the ioc without a project... Nothing worked.

CubeIDE Version 1.10.1

ST Employee

Hello @KKell.1 (Community Member)

What I understand is that there must be only one ioc for a CubeMX project.

And it must be in the same directory as the project to allow user code generation.

You have two ioc files, and you want upgrade from one to the other.

The STM32 device are different between your ioc ? 

Or you have to merge differents peripheral configurations for the same MCU/hardware? 

Best regards,


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Hi Romain

I use the HSI.ioc containing the HSI clock configuration as startup. With this configuration I program an external clock generator configured in the HSE.ioc and switch to the HSE clock configuration. So I generate code from two ioc in two directories and merge them via script for one project. All is working fine with the old CubeMX.

Now we port this solution to a new project and want to upgrade to the new CubeIDE. What I have seen is a restriction that an ioc must be in the same directory the project is.

I also have seen that I can't load the ioc with the CubeIDE without generating a project.

My question is there a solution I haven't seen?

Associate II

My problem in other words:

I want to double click to the ioc file to open it, independent where it is. The same as I can do with each other text file in the project.

Where can I set the relative path to the ioc file?

> I want to double click to the ioc file to open it, independent where it is. 

Install standalone CubeMX. Install several versions, if you have older .ioc files.

This is the workaround but unfortunately not the solution for the IDE

No choice  .ioc file at the same level as the .project and .cproject are located is a MUST HAVE no other option. As extra restriction .ioc file name has to be same than parent project name.

Such said you can link .ioc file as far as link is at the same level as the .project and .cproject are located. Claiming link I'm discussing about Eclipse link style ... so called linked resources.

If GUI way to create a link is File > New > Others then General > File then rely on advanced settings to check Link to File in the file system option