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error: launching debug has encountered a problem

Associate III

Hello, I am trying to run a st demonstration (MEMSMIC1)  on stcubeIDE but i am getting an error within the debug, saying that the .elf file has failed to launch. How do I fix this? I am just trying to run the example as it is, I havent changed anything.Screenshot (25).png



is this your first program with debug ?

If yes - try at first making a simple new stm32 project, just toggle a pin (LED) to see it running.

If this you can get running ...whats your debug setting here ?

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It's not my first program with it, and yes a simple led blinking project does work. these are my debug settings for it. Screenshot (27).png

Actually i should note that I changed one thing - i changed the number of channels from 2 to 1 in the cca02M2_conf.h file since i am using one microphone, but even when i change it back to 1 channel i still get the above launch error