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Does STLINK allow debugging with breakpoints?

Associate II

I am using a Nucleo-64 with the STM32F070RB on it with the STM32CubeIDE and I can flash my code to the memory but all I can do in debug is halting the CPU and reading out the registers. No user variables are allowed to be tracked and no breakpoints work. Also I can not see where in the code the program counter is. Is that due to a missing setting or is it not possible without a more advanced debugger? I am using the USB connection to the evaluation board.

Chief II

Debug is of course possible with all what you need, but need right setup and on M0 have some limits for example count of active breakpoints is limited.

You need build your code for debug.

Associate II

Thank you for the quick response. I do build the code with Debug Configuration, at least I thought so as it is what it shows: What settings would I need to check?

In the Debug Configurations Dialog it shows:

And within the Build Configuration There is a Configuration for Debug available and Active. Not sure about the settings.

There's a free ST / Keil licence for Cortex-M0(+) STM32, might want to see if that's better executed..

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The debug view should come up and allow you to add expressions.

Registers can be viewed in the SFRs window, but only when paused.

Show a screenshot if you're not seeing this.

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Associate II

Thank you, I had to create a Debug Config and then it worked.

Initially when creating the project there was only one present for Release, still build showed an option for Debug which made me think there was one.

Works perfectly now 🙂