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CubeIDE Execute command before debug

Associate III


i would like to execute command after i click the debug icon, but before the debug starts.

In particular:

  • I have an app with a bootloader. The bootloader check the CRC of the firmware before start it.
  • Right now i generate, thanks to post build operation, a binary file with header, firmware and footer, a complete binary.
  • I have disable the Download in the Debug configuration, so the debugger does not flash the firmware.
  • I need a point where place the command for flashing the complete firmware with the header and the footer. This point should be before the debug session start, and after i click the debug icon.

Do you think it is possible? How can i do that?

Thank you in advance

Ivaylo Ilchev
Associate III

Instead of post/pre build commands use CDT files makefile.init, makefile.defs and makefile.targets. For CRC you may add target to /makefile.targets (file must be created!):

CRC_Tool := 'C:\Tools\crc.exe'
crc: all
	-@echo 'Calculating CRC'
	$(CRC_Tool) $(wildcard *.bin)

Press Shift-F9, add target crc, execute crc

To debug application, you don't need a bootloader, CubeIDE will start application from ld flash address, but you have to add code to move the stack as first lines to main:

#define FLASH_START 0x800....
int main()

Associate III

Hi, thanks for the answer.

It is not clear how i can create a CRC based on the binary file before i create that binary file. Are you sure is it possible with CDT files?

Regarding the debug: it is clear that if i launch debug from the IDE the debug and the application work. But if i reboot the board, the bootloader does not recognize the CRC of the application, and it won't start anymore.

Ivaylo Ilchev
Associate III

crc: all


This means:

  • build "all" target first if something changed
  • Run crc command(s)