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Can't install ST-Link-server and "File-> New -> STM32 Project" kills the IDE

Associate III

trying to install ST-Link-server with STM32CubeIDE and by itself, I get:

Windows Installer msiexec /i "C:\...\st-link-server" and this pops up

The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it. <OK>

I've been having some issues with the Windows Installer Service as of late. I've gone though all of the Microsoft directions and I have verified that is is up and running. I've been rebooting 2-4 times a day to fix this problem.

So how do I get the "source for this product"? (like that would even help)

What started my trying to re install STM32CubeIDE, is when I try File -> New -> STM32 Project, the whole IDE disappears. That just isn't good for my projects not to mention my nerves and blood pressure.

ST Employee


You must have admin rights to install it.

Install latest STM32CubeIde (v1.6.0) and stlink server will be installed directly.

Are you using a VM ?

If yes, maybe try to adjust settings to be able to install and run STM32CubeIde properly (enough ram or other settings).



Associate III

I am the admin and there is no VM. It is a 64-bit i7 running Win 7. I've done the msiexec unregister/register on system32 and syswow64.

I know this is not a Windows forum, I was just hoping to find a way to start a new project and debug my code (I think Billy Gates hates me).

Associate III

I downloaded 1.6.0, "just in case", but I think st-link-server will have the same problem even though it says I need access to the source -- like that would make a difference to an install.