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Board Selection Menu

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I need to download and populate the STM32 board selector. Currently in order to select a board, eg: Nucleo series, I will need an internet connection. Is there not a way to download the list and use STM32Cube IDE to select from the downloaded list? This will be useful in rural schools which do not have internet access.

ST Employee

Hello @techdesk and welcome to the community,


STM32CubeIDE allows you to do this offline by following these instructions:
• Manually download the needed STM32Cube firmware packages from the STMicroelectronics website
• Inside STM32CubeIDE, use the following menus:
1. [Help]>[Manage embedded software packages]
2. [STM32Cube MCU Packages]>[From local...]
• Point to the manually downloaded zip file, then accept the license and install it.



Hello and thank you for your direction>
However, I have no clue as to which menu I should select for downloading the board firmwares. There are literary hundreds of menus 😅

Perhaps look in the Repository directory, this is where it caches these downloads when online.

If these "rural school" machines have networked drives the large files can be pulled from machine to machine, or you can burn some DVD's to distribute content via mail, sneaker-net, etc.

The "No Internet" trade here is that you're going to have to get substantially more aware of what the tools do and expect, and where they put things. Most all of the "From Internet" can be done "From Local".

Perhaps there are notes, or user experiences, from corporate fire-walled systems completely disconnected from the internet. A lot of schools/colleges do this to limit malware and such, so I'd expect there to be resources and experiences out there that you can draw on.

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@Rim LANDOLSI are there any Application Notes or White Papers covering educational or corporate installations, where the systems are fire-walled away from the internet or constantly reimaged ?

Tips, Buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo
Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..



 Also I tried your steps. Besides no board firmwares available on the website, none of your menu guides even exist.
I think it would be advisable to be certain of your facts before posting what seems "thumb sucks"