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We have developed a custom board using STM32MP157AD3 chipset and STPMIC. We did develop a dts using CubeMX and did all the patches as mentioned in Lab documentation. But we came accross 2 errors.

Associate II

When we use the PMIC values from DK2 example.

1 . ERROR:  regul ldo3: max value 750 is invalid

WARNING: register_pmic:600 failed to register ldo3

PANIC at PC : 0x2fff05cb

2 Next we tried setting the ldo3 max, min values to 3V and 1.8V and it was working fine but had next layer of issue as mentioned below.


NOTICE: Model: MelodySOM

INFO:   PMIC version = 0x21

WARNING: VDD unknown

NOTICE: Reset reason (0x15):

INFO:     Power-on Reset (rst_por)

INFO:   FCONF: Reading TB_FW firmware configuration file from: 0x2ffe2000

INFO:   FCONF: Reading firmware configuration information for: stm32mp_io

INFO:   Using USB

INFO:     Instance 2

INFO:   Boot used partition fsbl1

NOTICE: BL2: v2.6-stm32mp1-r1.0(debug):v2.6-dirty

NOTICE: BL2: Built : 13:14:26, Nov 23 2021

INFO:   BL2: Doing platform setup

INFO:   RAM: DDR3-DDR3L 16bits 533000kHz

ERROR:  DDR addr bus test: can't access memory @ 0xc0000004

PANIC at PC : 0x2ffead6d

Exception mode=0x00000016 at: 0x2ffead6d

Requesting for your help to solve this as soon as possible.

Senior III

@michiel.tjampens  I believe the workshop had multiple nodes in the TF-A DT for power , like vdd_sd etc..  Reduce it to only two nodes. My (perfectly hardware good custom board  which has run ECO 1.0 for years) had also this panic in ECO 5.0 and after debugging found it kept crashing in fdt.c on the 3rd node no matter what that node was.  I don't have any setting for vtt_dr in then TF-A DT but this board does not use PMIC though.

See my last post in:



Hi @debugging , for once the Lab probably was correct. I think in old ECO's that check wasn't there or something. Because both the lab and a ek dts removed the lines in question.

vtt_ddr: ldo3 {
	regulator-name = "vtt_ddr";

Which kinda makes sense because the ldo's voltage is 'fixed' to buck2 divided by 2 when in sink-source.

I'll check your post when I manage to get that far, the voltage error was replaced with addr bus test failure (but that's offtopic).