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Transfer sensor readout from M4 to A7 Processor


Hello together,

I'm currently reading out sensor with the M4 Chip and the connected ADCs. I'm using the STM32MP157F DK2 DevBoard - The minimum requirement is to read out 3 sensors (6 is optimum) at 20 kHz each. I though of using the M4 to read out the values and then give them to the A7 chip. For that I tried the logicanalyzer example at : I cant get it to work after following all instructions carefully (error on a write and sometimes even when downloading).

My next move was to use the M4 and use 2 timers. One timer with an interrupt that reads out all the ADCs, writing the values to the first half of SRAM3, which I saw was accessible from both processors. The A7 is then reading out the values written to the other half of the SRAM3 while the M4 is keeping writing values to the other half. This is switching back and forth using the other timer with interrupt and a flag. However I haven't got this approach to scale yet. Is it possible with the architecture to achieve the simultaneous read and write operations?

Maybe my approach is overcomplicated. Does anybody have some guidance on how to best tackle this sensor readout and data transfer problem? Maybe the A7 with a simple c or python application will also be able to handle these fast readouts and then transfer the data out via a tcp server. 


Thank you all very much in advance!