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STM32MP15 ECO 5.0.0 How to configure u-boot for discrete power (and disable PMIC)

Senior III

Following this: 

As the default config used stm32_defconfig.

At the step make menuconfig disabled PMIC in device driver -> power  and  enabled regulator power .

Though, this  causes compile errors when building u-boot.

Created a defconfig file for the board but not a new vendor-board folder assuming just to base the board as a variant of existing ST board.  In other words using make stm32mp157a-board-mx_defconfig.

In the config file :


Does this need to be set to "n" in case of using a board based on the STM32MP1 ?

Is disabling PMIC in u-boot actually required to boot a discrete powered board ?

Senior III

Disabled both PMIC and regulator power and build was done and boot did not cause side effects. I wonder if that's ok ? Enabling both causes errors. Would enabling PMIC cause any issues ?