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Level of Support for custom Operating System?

Associate II


I'm writing to inquire if there is documentation/support for developing non-linux operating systems using the STM32 MPU discovery kits. So far I've only found Cube support and documentation for ST's custom linux distro. Obviously, a processor being a processor, it can run anything I put in the ROM. But I'd like to be able to utilize some of the development tools that these boards are supposed to support to make the development/debugging experience easier.

I'm using a STM32MP157D-DK1, in case that makes any major difference.

ST Employee

Hello @JAppe.1​ ,

Unfortunately, the only OS that ST supports on MPU side is OpenSTLinux (which is our specific Linux distribution). You are right, there are various way to use and program a microprocessor, but ST specific Linux is the only one supported by our teams.

Kind regards,


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