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Cannot load STPMIC1 regulate driver

Associate II

I have a customized STM32MP157AAD board with STPMIC1E PMIC.

STPMIC1E is pre-programmed to have same NVM as 1A version.

After power up, the board can download firmware by CubeMX and run uboot from SD card, even partially boot the linux kernel.

However, there is no action to load stpmic-regulator driver after kernel displays this line.

[   2.191543][  T54] stpmic1 1-0033: PMIC Chip Version: 0x21

There should be no hardware problem because there is proper signal to read version number and turn on DDR power

The kernel image file itself is tested on DK2 board and has no problem.

The pr_debug data from kernel indicates “Bad cell count�? error

[  21.000604][  T25] stpmic1 1-0033: PMIC Chip Version: 0x21

[  21.010922][  T25] OF: of_platform_populate()

[  21.015427][  T25] OF: starting at: /soc/i2c@5c002000/stpmic@33

[  21.021500][  T25] OF: of_irq_parse_one: dev=/soc/i2c@5c002000/stpmic@33/regulators, index=0

[  21.030003][  T25] OF: parent=/soc/i2c@5c002000/stpmic@33, intsize=2

[  21.036463][  T25] OF: ** translation for device /soc/i2c@5c002000/stpmic@33 **

[  21.050544][  T25] OF: Bad cell count for /soc/i2c@5c002000/stpmic@33

[  21.057111][  T25] OF: ** translation for device /soc/i2c@5c002000 **

[  21.063529][  T25] OF: bus is default (na=1, ns=1) on /soc

[  21.069146][  T25] OF: translating address: 5c002000

Is there anything wrong in my DTS file?

 Attached the dts content related to pmic.