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Board: stm32mp157c-dk2 I would like to build a distribution with a browser (like chromium). I would like to have all the recipes to do that or at least a binary image with an included browser. Regards,

Christophe Guibout
ST Employee

Hi @FDuch.1​ ,

Maybe you can try to add the following layer to your build :



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Associate II

I have such an image built using the above named repo. I also had to add meta-clang (make sure to use the dunfell branch) and meta-python2.

T problem is the STMicro Yocto images use Wayland and not X-11. I can't get chromium to start, even though it is also built for Wayland. I keep getting a "cannot open display" error.

Also, be aware it will take over 3 hours for a clean build on a Core i9 with Samsung 980-PRO NVMe so make sure to enable/configure SSTATE and Download caches to reduce subsequent clean build times.

Associate II

While I was able to build the image and get Chromium to somewhat start, it just hung and crashed after a few minutes with nothing displayed.