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How to create "mx" directory in "meta-st-stm32mp-addons"?


I want to create my own machine.

I'm trying to create with reference to following Wiki Page.

In "2 Generate device tree" in the wiki page, I need to set device tree from STM32CubeMX to "mx" directory.

However, OpenSTLinux Distribution Package (openstlinux-20-02-19) that I have install has no "mx" directory  in "meta-st-stm32mp-addons".

Do I need any other steps to create "mx" directory in "meta-st-stm32mp-addons" automatically?

And, in the case that I want to change kernel or u-boot or tf-a device tree, all I need is to change device tree in "mx" directory?

Do I need any other steps to reflect the change of device tree setting?

For reference, I have tried to create "mx" directory manually and set device tree to "mx" directory, but bitbake failed.

(Error message shows "No rule to make target arch/arm/boot/dts/xxxxxxxx.dtb")

Best regards,

H. Masuda


Hi @Yves C​ ,

Thank you for your confirmation.

I understood very well.

Best regards,

​H. Masuda