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How do I build an Android application that can connect to a STM32 Eval board?


I am super new to this and I need guidance. Does anyone have experience with using Android Studio to build an app and then using Bluetooth or WiFi so the app can connect to a STM32 Eval board? Where would be a good place to start? I have found the "STM32MP1 Distribution Package for Android" page here: but can someone explain what any of this means?

Nicolas L
ST Employee


The STM32MP1 distribution package for Android can be used to embed Android on the STM32MP1 (only available for the STM32MP157x-EV1 board).

Now what I understood is that you want to develop an IoT object based on the STM32MP1 and develop an Android app on a smartphone to control and connect this device.

In this condition, this distribution package for Android is not necessarily adapted to what you want to do. I suggest to start from the OpenSTLinux package instead ( and develop your IoT device yourself.

There is then several methods to control and connect your device:

  • Use direct connection as Bluetooth LE or NFC depending on your needs
  • Use indirect connection through a cloud service (ex: AWS IoT)

You have to take care that there is no wireless connection available on the STM32MP157x-EV1 board. If required, you'll need to connect an USB dongle for that purpose and update the Linux kernel configuration in consequence.



Associate II


If you want to create an Android app that will run on your mobile a tablet PC and interfaces with your STM32 application hardware by BLE, NFC or WiFi, there is a product called TapNLink Primer (TnL-Primer-NBW) on the ST Partner Pages. You can add it to an STM32 board, and the latest version of the configuration software (IoTize Studio) includes an automatic generator for Android apps (APK).

Free software tools used with the Primer are IoTize Studio configuration software and the Ionic cross-platform framework. Download and installation information is provided at

A video about connecting it to Nucleo boards is provided on the ST Partner Pages

This is a very rapid way to create Android apps.

If you need more details let me know.

Hope is helps.


Steve from Iotize