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Does nandflash and EMMC of stm32mp157c share the same interface or independent interface?

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You could find detail information in Documentations (Reference Manual, DataSheet), Application Note (AN5031) or Wiki (e.g.

To sum-up, we are able to connect simultaneously many interface, if package pin count and your pinout usage allow it (your could quickly test using STM32CubeMx).

e.g. a typical usage similar to STM32MP157C-EV1 board

  • SD-Card 4-bits on SDMMC1
  • eMMC 8-bits on SDMMC2
  • Serial-NOR 4-bits and/or Serial-NAND 4-bits on QUADSPI
  • SLC-NAND 8 or 16-bits on FMC

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