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How to recognize a genuine ST-LINK/V2 versus a cloned one?

ST Employee

How to recognize a genuine ST-Link/V2 versus a cloned one?

To answer the questions like "Is my ST-Link/V2 genuine? Where to find a genuine ST-Link/V2? Why my device isn't recognized?" and other related ones, please refer to the following:
  • Where to find a genuine ST-Link/V2?

ST-Link official in-circuit debuggers and programmers are available from standard STMicroelectronics distributors. Both STLINK-V3MINIE and STLINK-V3SET are usually available in volume, while the availability leadtime of ST-LINK/V2 may temporarily increase.
  • How to recognize a genuine ST-Link/V2?

  • Should a ST-Link/V2 clone properly work with any ST tool or FW?

ST resources are dedicated to support genuine ST-Link products. We are not committed to ensure that clones are properly working with the firmware that we are delivering.
  • How to re-use the ST-Link section from a STM32 Nucleo board?

For reference, the pricing of STLINK-V3MINIE probe and of selected Nucleo boards is around 10$, i.e half the price of ST-LINK/V2.
The embedded ST-Link from a Nucleo-64 board may seamlessly be used to program and debug an external STM32 application. The related settings are described in the User Manual of the Nucleo-64 board UM1724 in the paragraph covering the embedded ST-Link/V2-1.
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