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STM32WL55 FreeRTOS and SubGHz_Phy

Hello everyone,

We are a group of students working on the development of flight control and communication software as part of a space program. Our project is based on the STM32Wl55 MCU with LoRa and FreeRTOS. Currently, we are transitioning our software from the development phase to production. During this phase, we observed that while FreeRTOS and SubGHz can be activated in CubeMX, we are encountering several issues. CubeMX does not automatically set up the include paths. When we attempt to configure them manually, we face hardware-related problems. I suspect these challenges arise from the concurrent usage of the sequencer with FreeRTOS, which might not be supported. Is there a way to utilize the code generated by CubeMX, but transition from using the sequencer to employing FreeRTOS? Your assistance is invaluable, as the success of our project hinges on resolving this issue.

Warm regards, Fabian


Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-24 um 16.23.08.png