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STM32WL Antenna Diversity Support?

Associate III


Is there GPIO support for antenna diversity on the STM32WL? The SX126x has dedicated gpio that can be configured to toggle automatically when in RX/TX mode. This is very important when in low duty cycle modes of operation because then the MCU does not need to wake when the radio is listening autonomously.

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Andrew Larkin
Associate III

Been trying to crack this nut myself as well.

As far as I can see, the DIO2 Tx/Rx change over functionality of the SX1262 hasn't been exposed in the STM32WLE: you have to use a GPIO for the task.

The legacy circuit diagrams on the migration guide (Figures 1 to 3) all show GPIO being used for the Tx/Rx switch and DIO2 being used as a status to the MCU.

The relevant OpCode 0x9D from the SX1262 isn't listed in the STM32WLE ref man.

I think we're stuck on GPIO.