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STM32WB5MM-DK unable to start USB bootloader

Associate III

Dear ST team, 

I have an issue with starting the USB bootloader with the STM32WB5MMG-DK and I am sure it is for lack of knowledge. 

The AN2606 states the following: 


and USB pins should be able to function as the following:


The pattern 16 looks like like this:


Thus by setting the BOOT0(pin) to HIGH it should enter the bootloader mode, the connection is similar as the one set for the Dongle or Nucleo baord here

The STM32WB5MMG-DK schematic shows that to set the BOOT0 HIGH, CN13 shall be shorted (Done with a soldered connector).


Additionally the conenctor JP2 is shorted for the USB MCU.



Whit these settings, the connection of the bootloader with the STM32CubeProg should be similar as explained here, but for some reason the Module does not go into bootloader mode. Instead it start right away with the user application that was already on the Module. 

I do not know what I am missing? 
Thanks in advance for the help.

ST Employee

Hello @FDumontKeller 

Are you sure that all specifications on the table 170 and on the option bits of the pattern 16 are verified?

Best Regards.


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