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stm32wb5mm-dk custom service and characteristics

Associate II


In my application I have added a custom service with 5 characteristics, all have 128bit UUID, 3 characteristics are 4 byte long and 2 characteristics are 2 byte long.

When I compile and connect to board by my phone I can't see the last charactersitics, it ssem not added in this service

What is wrong?

In attachment there are the files of this custom service only, the configurations also seem compliant with number of custom services and characterisitcs.

So in my smartphone I see:

servie with uuid 3333

char with uuid 3334

char with uuid 3335

char with uuid 3336

char with uuid 3337

but ther isn't

char with uuid 3338

Please make me know how to solve this problem.

thank you

best regards

Luigi Berardi