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STM32WB persistent user data region after OTA update

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We are working on a device based on a STM32WB5MM. The module has configured the SBSFU, the BLE OTA and the user application.

We have defined some sections in the flash memory to store device data, like the serial number or the pin code used for pairing. The device operates correctly and when doing updates of the user application via OTA there is no problem. We have created the region just after __ICFEDIT_SLOT_Dwl_1_end__ :

USER_DATA_region_ROM_start = __ICFEDIT_SLOT_Dwl_1_end__ + 1;

However, when we wanted to update the wireles stack, that section has been deleted.

In which region of the flash memory can we host device data that remains after updating the user application and the wireless stack?

Best regards and thanks in advance.

ST Employee

Hello @thealbertdev 

I think this MOOC should answer your questions.

Best Regards.


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