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STM32WB BLE and EEPROM casuing HardFault

Associate II

Hi Community

Hope you guys are well. I am trying to implement Bluetooth and emulated eeprom working. i have followed the ble_heartrate_eeprom_emul example and i got blue tooth and eeprom emulation working, the problem i am having is when the EEPROM emulation is implement   my function in custom_stm.c does not work properly, for example when i used any of the GPIO, the controller goes into hard fault, and current went from 0.013A to 0.150A , but as soon as i remove the eeprom emulation code , everything works perfectly. so basically i cant get my things working when there is eeprom emulation , i have tried to release the semaphore 7 in my function but still the same. 


there is one more thing, in app_entry.c we have default code , check file attached, 

but the ble heart rate eeprom emulation tell us to put this code, check file attached,

and if i put that code and generate the code again from cubemx it is removed.

Assistance is appreciated!

ST Employee

Hello @SikandarLF 

I've personally tested on the P-Nucleo-WB55 and everything works fine. I suggest you test it using the last Version of the X-Cube and the STM32CubeIDE. If you still have any issue, Please add more details (screenshots, detailed description,...).

Best Regards.


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