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STM32 WB55RGV6 OTA Firmware Update Project Error

Associate II


I am trying to make a project for firmware update using OTA with ST BLE Sensor Classic on IOS device but I have a problem I watched the videos and try to understand how can I create a project for fimware update. I started with an easy one I run BLE_OTA on WB55RGV6 than I write a simple blinking led application change the flash address at  .ld file


Than export the .bin file and try to update but it does not working. I try to update the examples that ST produced they are working perfectly but they don't have ioc files in it so I don't know what should I specificly do in IOC file. Can anyone help me with my project? I am trying to understand how can I make an OTA firmware update. I checked the P2Pserver_OTA but I couldn't understand how does it work clearly. 


ST Employee

Hello @Aurentiaco ,

You can look at the AN5247 for more information about Over-The-Air firmware update procedure and how to use the OTA application on STM32WB devices with BLE connection. 

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Associate II

Thank you soo much. I read the document that you linked. But I am not sure that I can implement it directly to a led blink application because in documents it gives the requirements and the thing that I need to do. I don't know how to make it. Could you give some coding example if there is a chance? 

Associate II

Thanks @Imen.D , I found the solution in BLE_p2psever_ota project in readme.txt file that how can I make my project as OTA,


I have another problem. I made it as an OTA application and when I upload BLE_OTA application on my board, I am able to flash my firmware once. However, I don't understand how can I reboot my system and turn back to BLE_OTA partition from my application partition. I need unlimited firmware update continuously.


In here you can see the reboot characteristics. I create one but what should I add to my code to activate it in document it is not explained well and detailed. Could you help me with it?


Hello @Aurentiaco 

I suggest you close this topic since the original question is answered (select the answer as best answer). Then, Start a new topic for your new request.

Best Regards.



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