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Question of STM32WB OTA reboot problem


Hello, I have a question about OTA in the stm32wb series.

I'm testing to add the OTA function to the board I'm developing.

After full erase of MCU, I succeeded in downloading application bin file to MCU with STBLE Toolbox application.

Afterwards, to update another bin file, I sent 01 07 FF  to the application service and tried to download another bin file by entering OTA application mode.

However, when entering OTA application mode, it was confirmed through debugging that it enter low power mode and did not operate normally, and entered low power mode while the shci_send function was operating inside the APP_BLE_Init function.

I don't know why this is happening.
I have modified the linker file, checked the magic keyword, and modified SCR->VTOR, but do I need to more modify other sources?

If there's anything you need to check, I'll capture it and upload it right away.

Associate III

This fixed my issue, I can now reboot into OTA:


Strangely I can only send 20 byte packets when doing an OTA update, but that's another issue..