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Low power ADC continuous conversion with RF subsystem enabled.

Associate II

We are looking to use the STM32WB5MMG to measure a few seconds of data, then transmit that over bluetooth.

We have managed to get the current consumption of the internal ADC during this measurement down to around 500 uA using low power sleep mode, however, it does not seem like this possible when the RF subsystem is enabled since its clock is required to stay at 32 MHz. Is this correct? Is there any work around possible to achieve such a current consumption during measurement when the RF subsystem is enabled?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Thanks for the reply.

We have optimized the BLE transmission a fair amount already. I am asking specifically about the ADC measurement. Without BLE enabled, we can enter low power sleep mode and draw around 500 uA while we measure. With BLE enabled, it does not seem possible to enter low power sleep mode. I was wondering if this was correct and if there was a workaround for this.



I found this video, perhaps it is related to your question (as it is quite large, it may be interesting to use the playback speed):

[STM32WB OLT - 12. System Power control]