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I-CUBE LRWAN class-C downlink issue

Hi... There 

Hope you all are doing well 

For the past few days, I'm dealing with the LoRaWAN Firmware having class-C

In my application, I need the continuous connection between Node to gateway and gateway to the Network server (As I want to receive the downlink continuously from the Network server)

For the Firmware perspective, I'm using ST's I-CUBE-LRWAN Firmware packages having version 2.1.0 with ABP configuration

For the LoRa chipset, I'm using SX1262 

I'm dealing with the US frequencies at 915Mhz 

For the gateway, I'm using a multichannel indoor gateway from Friendcom

From the Network server perspective, I'm using the private LoRaWAN network service hosted on AWS (

Problem statements:

With class- C, I can send the uplink to the gateway and gateway to a Network server 

But unfortunately, Node unable to receive the downlink from the LoRaWAN network-server

Testing & Observation 

From the gateways logs, I can figure out that the gateway receiving the downlink from the Network service 

Unfortunately, it's unable to receive at the LoRaWan node!

From the logs at the node side, I can confirm that the RX2 windows continuously opening

I can't observe any operations at the DIO pin during receiving windows (As I have confirmed with the logic analyzer)

All suggestions & comments are well-come