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How to modify p2pClient code to pair STM32WB15 board (client) to 3rd party BLE sensor (peripheral)?

Associate II


I'm working on a project where I'm trying to pair a foot motion tracking device with my STM32WB15 Nucleo board. In my case, the STM board will serve as the BLE client while the PDR (foot motion tracking device) will serve as a BLE peripheral. My issue is I'm trying to modify the p2pClient code so my STM board will attempt to pair with my sensor instead of another STM board, however after many attempts to make changes to the SVCCTL_UserEvtFlowStatus_t SVCCTL_App_Notification() function by hard-coding the PDR's bluetooth address using the SERVER_REMOTE_BDADDR variable, I'm still not seeing any progress. I have the provided UUID's for the PDR device too, but I am not sure where in the code the UUID's for the server STM board were being set in the first place.

Some extra info about the sensor, as soon as the sensor is switched on it will go into discoverable mode and is visible and pair-able to devices such as my phone (using a special app).

I apologize as I'm still very new to BLE and am looking for some guidance on what I need to do to simply get my STM client to pair with the PDR peripheral.

Thank you in advance!

ST Employee


I answered you in your previous post. I hope you have succeed to connect to your 3rd party BLE sensor.

Best Regards