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how to do an operation on specific BLE link

Senior II

ACI_HAL_GET_LINK_STATUS will give an Array of link status (eight links).

My question is how do I do operations on specific links of my choice?

e.g., start an advertisement on a specific link.


reference AN5270 - 



ST Employee

Hi DS.4,
You can look at the p2pRouter example, which allows you to control multiple device servers via a client device.
The idea is to use the Connection Handle to perform specific operations on the different links.

I hope it will help you. If you have any other questions later, don't hesitate to come back to me.

Joé, BR.

Ok, I think I understand.

When connected - I need to search the connection-handle-array. My specific handle will be in the index of the link.


But what if I am not connected yet?

On advertising start, one of the links will turn to 'Advertising' status,  what link will it be? Is there a rule? Should I sample it after advertising starts? What if that link gets connected and I start advertising again, what link will turn 'Advertising' now?  I mean you should probably have a clearer answer on how this works!