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Error: Data read failed on STM32WB55


Hi everybody, yesterday I was working with my Nucleo68 board of the P-NUCLEO-WB55 pack as always, however something go wrong after to did this:

  1. I modified the WWDGSW and IWDGSW option bytes with STM32CubeProgrammer (from checked to unchecked, and apply), option bytes were programmed successfully, run my application and all ok.
  2. After return the WWDGSW and IWDGSW option bytes with STM32CubeProgrammer (from unchecked to checked, and apply) the options bytes doesn't programmed and message apears "Error: Option Byte Programming failed", I tried some times more and nothing.
  3. I desconnected and connected again the Nucleo68 USB cable but when I read its data a message apears with "Error: Data read failed".

I can't read any page of the flash:

0693W000007BL8uQAG.pngI guess that I can erase flash because apears the following message when I erase a sector:

0693W000007BL8kQAG.pngBut when I download a file this failed:

0693W000007BL9TQAW.pngChecking the RM0434 Reference manual the option bytes are ok because are in ST production value, here the option bytes of my STM32WB55 on Nucleo68 board:

0693W000007BLAbQAO.png0693W000007BLAlQAO.png0693W000007BLAqQAO.png0693W000007BLBFQA4.pngI changed the USB cable, put the BOOT0 pin to VDD(3.3V), put the BOOT0 pin to GND and always apears "Error: Data read failed".

In my application I was working with BLE, Standby mode and Sleep mode. How could this happen? Is there a way to resolve this situation?

Thanks friends.

Associate II

I experience the same problem. Did you find a solution already?