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TouchGFX Academy launch announcement!

ST Employee

Dear Community,

We're excited to announce the creation of the TouchGFX Academy!

The TouchGFX Academy is a new place to learn TouchGFX with concrete examples and to find answers to your questions when developing your UI. It includes tutorials of course, but also a new series of "How-to-TouchGFX" videos where we explain all you need to know to become an expert in TouchGFX, even if you are starting from scratch =)


We will publish our videos on YouTube, as well as on our support website under the "TouchGFX Academy" section.

Stay tuned whenever we publish a new video by subscribing to our YouTube channel and get notified by clicking the bell icon! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions regarding the content or if you have suggestions for topics you would like us to cover in new videos.


We hope you'll appreciate our dedication to providing a comprehensive learning experience with the TouchGFX Academy. Wishing you an enjoyable and enriching journey as you explore the world of TouchGFX!

ST Software Developer | TouchGFX