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TouchGFX 4.21.4 is out now !

ST Employee

TouchGFX 4.21.4 is now out.

Please follow this link to download it.

4.21.4 Release details :

  • Release date: April 24th, 2023
  • Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer:
    • Fixed bug where selecting an image for an Image Button Style in a Flex Button was not possible.
    • Fixed bug where the order of graph drawer elements in the generated code for Dynamic and Static Graph was reversed.
  • Bugfixes in TouchGFX Core:
    • Fixed bug with TextureMapper rendering on U599 targets.

4.21.3 Release details :

  • Release date: March 14th, 2023
  • New feature: This release enables the use of NeoChrom/GPU2D in combination with X-CUBE-FREERTOS from STM32CubeMX 6.8.0.
  • Using 4.21.3 a second STM32U599/U5A9-TBS (TouchGFX Board Support) running with FreeRTOS is available within TouchGFX Designer. 

4.21.2 Release details :

  • Release date: March 1st, 2023
  • Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer:
    • Fixed crash related to interactions.
    • Fixed crash related to deleting texts in search results.
    • Fixed SVG picker showing duplicates when undoing selected SVG.
    • Fixed physical button names not being visible in interactions.
    • Fixed erroneous code generation for Dynamic/Static Graph widget.
    • Fixed faulty memory usage related to texts.

4.21.1 Release details :

  • Release date: January 16th, 2023
  • Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer:
    • Fixed bug where locking a widget would cause it to appear in position (0,0) when compiling the code.
    • Fixed faulty memory usage when switching between screens.
    • Fixed case where importing a Custom Container containing a font already existing in the project could cause a crash.
    • Fixed a case where some widgets would not show their used images correctly when copy/pasted.
  • Bugfixes in TouchGFX Core:
    • Solid colors in SVGs would wrongly be placed in RAM.

4.21.0 Release details :

  •  Release date: December 19th, 2022
  • New TouchGFX Designer Features:
    • TouchGFX Stock added. Free designs, images and icons provided within TouchGFX Designer.
    • Access to material icons made by Google.
    • New SVG Image widget.
    • New image picker for all image-related widgets.
    • New preset picker for browsing themes and presets.
    • Mouse coordinates shown when hovering canvas.
    • New action for setting border color on box with border widget.
    • Now able to navigate widget menu using arrow keys.
    • Progress indicator widgets now support two new triggers, ValueUpdated and ValueUpdatedCompleted.
    • Ability to close current project from file menu.
    • Designer now remembers start up and save folder.
    • Added tooltips for visibility and lock buttons in tree view of canvas.
    • Added new icon for lock button in tree view of canvas, to make it more clear if a widget is locked or unlocked.
    • Added delay property to move and fade actions.
  • Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer:
    • Fixed bug regarding DPI of images used in Analog clock.
    • Fixed bugs regarding linespacing.
    • Fixed bug with minimum and maximum check for x-range in Static Graph.
    • Fixed bug regarding auto-size in TextArea widget.
    • Fixed being able to set negative border width on box with border widget.
    • Fixed disappearing interaction when undoing.
    • Fixed bug with DPI in images used by Gauge widget.
    • Fixed bug with not showing an error when deleting wildcard character in TextProgress and DigitalClock widgets.
    • Fixed bug with long names in interactions.
    • Fixed bug with escaped characters in text.
    • Changing startup screen now results in unsaved changes.
    • Fixed bug with code generation regarding ScreenAnimationEnded trigger.
    • Fixed bug happening when users attempt to open a project with an unknown version.
    • Text field size in Widget tree view increased.
    • Fixed the ability to select multiple screens using right mouse click.
    • Fixed being able to set radius of a Circle Widget to a negative number
    • Fixed text for checkboxes not wrapping.
    • Fixed image icon not updating when changing simulator skin image.
  • New TouchGFX Core Features:
    • New widget: SVG Image
    • Support in image converter to read basic SVG images. These are converted to binary data that can be drawn using the SVG Image widget. See the documentation for more information.
  • New wide text actions and redefinition of two existing formats:
  • WIDE_TEXT_NONE: No change, no automatic line breaks.
  • WIDE_TEXT_CHARWRAP_DOUBLE_ELLIPSIS: No change, will add two ellipsis at end of the last line in the TextArea.
  • ImageConvert is using updated libpng 1.6.38. Generated images look the same.
    • WIDE_TEXT_CHARWRAP_ELLIPSIS: New, will add ellipsis at end of last line in the TextArea.
      • Class FullSolidRect has been removed from WipeTransition.
      • WIDE_TEXT_WORDWRAP: Changed, will keep adding line breaks and will not add ellipsis.
      • WIDE_TEXT_WORDWRAP_ELLIPSIS: New, will add ellipsis as late as possible (even mid-word) on the last line in the TextArea.
      • WIDE_TEXT_WORDWRAP_ELLIPSIS_AFTER_SPACE: No change, automatic line breaks, ellipsis will not be in the middle of a word.
      • WIDE_TEXT_CHARWRAP: Changed, will keep adding line breaks and will not add allipsis.
    • AbstractShape::setFillingRule() added to also allow EVEN-ODD filling, in addition to the default NON-ZERO filling.
    • As images on monochrome displays do not support alpha channel, any alpha value is now applied to each pixel before converting to BW.
    • Optimized SlideTransition and CoverTransition.
  • Bugfixes in TouchGFX Core:
    • Font metrics are handled better so now font height does not depend on which letters are actually being used. This means that default line spacing might be different - this can be adjusted using TextArea::setLinespacing(). For GraphLabels and ButtonWithLabel, texts might be placed better, depending on your font.
    • Setting a negative radius on a Circle will set the radius to zero.
    • Setting a negative line width on a Circle will set the line width to zero (causing a filled circle to be drawn).
    • More robust handling of timer widgets in cases with lots of timer widgets.
    • Fixed performance issue observed when upgrading to TouchGFX 4.19.0, 4.19.1, 4.20.0 (Removed Container::invalidateContent())
    • Font::getSpacingAbove() return type changed from uint8_t to int16_t to prevent overflow.
  • Deprecated TouchGFX Core Features:
    • Font::getMaxTextHeight() and Font::getMinimumTextHeight() have been replaced by Font::getHeight(). Returns the height of the font.
    • Font::getFontHeight() has been replaced by Font::getBaseline(). Returns the distance to the baseline.

Attention : TouchGFX Designer 4.21.0 MUST be used with STM32CubeMX 6.7.0 or above (link to download STM32CubeMX 6.7.0).

Attention : If X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX 4.21.4 is not available in STM32CubeMX software yet, please navigate to "Help > Manage embedded software packages > STMicroelectronics > X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX". Then click on "From Local ..." and navigate to the file to install the new pack inside STM32CubeMX.


Hope you will enjoy this new version !

ST Software Developer | TouchGFX