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Touch simulation


Is it possible to simulate touch? For example I touch one time but executes two touches on same XY? I have one hided image and then I touch list element that image appears and I need to drag it.

ST Employee

Hello @heyo ,

I would need some more information to be able to answer you.
It seems you want to click on a list and it will make an image appear on the side?
You do not want to click on the hidden image to make it appear is that correct?

Some of the tools (mixins) you could use on touchGFX are :
 - make an object draggable : it allows the user to move the object by clicking on it and dragging his finger

 - make an object as clickListener : it allows you to get a callback when the object is clicked and it also allows you to get to x and y position of the click, furthermore, you can get this information on a click or a release. You can easily get the difference of position from the click to the release and move your object by that difference using the moveTo function .

Hope this helps.
Don’t hesitate to give us a feedback or give more precisions and tell us if the issue is solved! 😊

Gaetan Godart
Software engineer at ST (TouchGFX)