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Touch GFX on Mac using Virtual PC in Parallels


I am trying to use Touch GFX on a Mac. I have a Windows 11 Virtual PC running in Parallels and cant Get CubeIDE, Cube Programmer and Touch GFX all working. I can build and simulate in Touch GFX which is great but I cant get the ST LINK interface to my discovery board to work. Whilst I can pass the USB / ST LINK through from MacOS to Parallels the Windows instance will not install the drivers in order for it to work. In device manager I can see ST-Link Debug with the Warning exclamation - but even a manual attempt to install the driver fails. HAs anyone been able to make this work?

ST Employee

Hello @Microkid,

This issue is more related STM32 MCUs Boards and hardware tools section, I'll try to answer to your issue:

If you are using an ARM64 version of Windows 11, the problem was discussed here Solved: STLink / STCubeProgrammer support on Windows ARM64 - STMicroelectronics Community, .

It's mainly due to the fact that the StLink drivers are made for AMD64 and X86 systems. If your Mac is a M1 or M2 or any ARM ones, in the link I gave you there's a workaround you can try.

Hope it helps,


ST Software Developer | TouchGFX