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The touchgfx scrolllist widget does not slide on a 7" capacitive touchscreen controlled by STM32F429.

Associate II

When operating the scrollist widget on the capacitive touch screen controlled by the STM32F429, clicking works fine, but sliding is unresponsive,and so does the scrollwheel widget.Of course it is normal in the simulator!

Also, when using the Button widget, with the property MIXINS Draggable checked, Button can't be dragged and moved, but clicking is normal!

I don't know what's causing this, is it because touchgfx isn't configured properly? But I think the widget clicking events are normal, which means the touchscreen driver is fine!

Oh, and by the way, I'm using an FT5426 touchscreen chip.

Alexandre RENOUX


I don't think it is a problem regarding TouchGFX. A ScrollList widget should work. From what I understand, I believe your touchscreen is the one not working properly.

Please verify the initialization of your touchscreen and see if the communication between the touchscreen and the MCU is working correctly.


Associate II

First of all, thank you for your reply.

My other project uses the same hardware, the GUI uses emwin, and the various touch events such as clicking and sliding work fine!

Now the phenomenon is that the various widget click events are normal, that is, the slide event is invalid, if the touch driver is faulty, the click event should also be invalid!

I'm checking the relevant parts.