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Touchgfx (+VIDEO) button blink but fuzzy interface changes


Hello friends, I have a problem with a resistive touchscreen interface.
The device and the touch perform very well, I managed to combine an algorithm that does not create jumps and considers a neighborhood of the touch to have a very stable value of the outgoing coordinates, but I have a problem with the touchgfx. Even if you make contact (see the attached video), the button blinks but the page does not change. I believe there is a threshold for the temporal release of the button, otherwise the touchgfx does not consider the button touched voluntarily.
All of this is hard for me to control. I wanted to know if you had any advice on the matter, I can't find similar problems, usually everyone uses capacitive ones with external controller.
Thank you.


nobody can help me in this friends?

Hello @Msolinas ,

TouchGFX does not have a threshold for click event. Have you used the interaction section to handle the click event, or did you write custom code for it? 

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Hi moradi, thanks for answer.

I simply wrote myself the touch driver and after put in STM32TouchController.cpp, in the sampleTouch someting like:


... return true;


as you can see from the video the touch does not always change to the new screen. I imagined that it is a speed problem perhaps in the release of the button on the monitor, since if you touch the button and then drag your finger away from it, the touch is canceled as it is interpreted as a drag, and this perhaps could be an error or have a interpretation threshold.